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Glitter Make-Up From The ’90s: Bop Or Flop?

Disco enthusiasts back then will never forget the Glitter 90s makeup trends have been making a comeback in recent years and for good reason. That’s why royal make-up with the Bridgerton feel just like in, should step aside first. This became the best style when partying on a night out and impressing your friends with your make-up skills. The matte look can become a bit boring, so adding some glitter to your makeup routine gives you that extra bit of sparkle in your face. This article will talk about the many different types of glitter makeup that you can choose from, so make sure to experiment and find the perfect shade for your skin. Knowing this type of knowledge may be important for your future parties where you’ll want to impress everybody and yourself too.  Here are some of the most popular trends in glitter makeup:

  • Glitter Tattoos: getting this type of glitter makeup then it will always be at your discretion. If you want to add glitter to your appearance in a more subtle way, consider glitter tattoos. This is always recommended for people who are always on the go because you just need minor changes to your look, patch in clothes, then you’re done. These embellishments may be placed straight to your skin and look great with any clothing. They also come with those sticker ones that can be removed when rinsed thoroughly, you just need to store them in your bag in case of emergency.
  • Glitter Eye makeup: this can also be an option, especially on occasions that you would want to be extra on. Another fantastic method to spice up your everyday appearance is to add a little sparkle to your eye makeup. For an interesting appearance, use bright tones or metallic glitters in place of conventional shadows. This gives spice and sweetness to your eyelids which can attract everyone around you.
  • Glitter Lip Balm: Having that bomb makeover needs this lip balm with glitter to pair it is one of the simplest methods to add sparkly accents to your face. Apply liberally to your lips before adding lipstick or gloss, and you’ll have gorgeous sparkly lips in no time. This won’t only make you look good but can also protect your lips from being dry and chappy. Being safe while being stylish is the best feeling, especially on a party night.
  • Glitter shoes: Take things to the next level by wearing glitter shoes as you strut on the dance floor. These wonderfully frilled sandals, shoes, or heels come in a variety of amazing colors and patterns, and they look great with any outfit. Just make sure that you can move freely with your shoes so your movements will not be limited, especially on occasions that you need to move and go from one place or another also take care not to tread on broken glass while wearing them.

Glitter Styles

Glitter makeup is a hot trend that many females are experimenting with these days. Innovating your glitter extravaganza look exudes a luxurious aura and may elevate your style. You can consider the ones below especially if you’re still thinking about what style to use:

  • Glitter Cosmetics: This is the traditional technique to apply glitter cosmetics. Simply paint your face with foundation and then sprinkle on some glitter. Always make sure that you put a light amount first then slowly add until you think that the amount of glitter looks good on you. You can choose between fine glitter or little bits for a more subtle appearance, or larger pieces for a more dramatic impact.
  • Shake it up:  This one can be applied before and for retouch so you can bring this with you. This alternative is to use “shaker glitter,” which is small shards of glitter in an aerosol can. Simply shaking the container causes the sparkles to fall over your skin. Again, be careful on applying because you would want to become a disco ball in front of everybody.
  • Build it up: you can also be creative by doing different styles with these glitter paints and cosmetics. For even more Glitter Face Tingles, consider using “glitter balls,” which are colorful metalized plastic spheres that keep their shape while dry but become mushy when wet. This gives that futuristic feel so if you want to achieve this then pick futuristic or metallic colors. You can also simply fill them with your preferred glitter color and roll them around in your fingers to achieve the desired look.
  • Experiment with numerous forms of glitter makeup: There are so many tutorials on the internet and you just need to search them one by one. Don’t be frightened to try new things especially if this can enhance your skills and look. Try substituting holographic or metallic glitters for paint or balls, for example. Having this option can save you from having this process of thinking of many designs at once, and you can mix and match every idea to match it to your look.

How to wear Glitter Makeup

Now that you know what materials and styles you need for your make-up look. Next is how much makeup you need or what ways you can improve the style you learned. This is where you’ll learn if something is less or even worse, too much, for your look  Here are five strategies for wearing glitter makeup without going overboard.

  1. Start With Your Foundation – this will be the base of your whole makeup look so make sure your skin is well-hydrated and prepped with primer or foundation before adding any glitter. This is the standard procedure when doing make-up. This will assist the glitter to adhere to your skin and make it appear smoother.
  2. Set Your Color Scheme Straight – to avoid confusion when it comes to glitter makeup colors, you should decide first what color you would want before applying them. Try to stick to neutral tints rather than flamboyant ones. This allows the eye to focus on the dazzling beauty of the crystals rather than the brightness that surrounds them.
  3. Experimentation For Elevation – experimenting with your look to elevate from the crowd is a good thing to do. Do you want simple color flickers over your face or something more elaborate? Ask yourself all the questions before you start, if you can sketch it then go. There are endless styles that you can choose from but you cannot put them all in your face at once.
  4. Too Much < Less, as First Priority- You should always mind how much make-up you put on your face. When applying glitter on your face, use smaller bits that may be easily blended. This will give your entire appearance a more natural aspect rather than an overly glamorous one.

Always Be Careful – There are times when make-up can cause serious allergies so research this first before using it on your face. Also, overdoing it with glitter can reduce its efficacy, so apply just enough to produce the desired appearance without being overdone. This aspect is important because this won’t only compromise your look, but it can also affect your health which is always important to consider first above anything.

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