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What is the Blue World City Booking Procedure?


In Islamabad, Pakistan, there is a residential and commercial complex called Blue World City. It’s critical to comprehend the booking process if you’re considering purchasing a home in the neighborhood. The procedure for making a reservation at a property in Blue World City will be more thoroughly examined in this article.

Step 1: Select the Size and Kind of Your Property

Selecting the kind and size of the property you’re interested in is the first step in the Blue World City reservation process. A variety of residential and business properties are available in Blue World City, such as:

  • Residential plots
  • Villas and apartments
  • Commercial plots
  • Farmhouses
  • Industrial plots

Choosing the size of the home you wish to buy is another important decision. Property sizes in Blue World City range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.

Step 2: Contact a Registered Agent

You must contact a registered agent once you’ve determined the kind and dimensions of the property you wish to buy. You can get help with the booking process from one of the network of registered agents that Blue World City has. A list of registered agents is available on the Blue World City official website or by getting in touch with the sales office.

Step 3: Send Your Documents

You must submit your paperwork once you’ve chosen an agent. Depending on the kind of property you’re interested in, different paperwork may be needed, but generally speaking they consist of:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of income (e.g. salary slip, bank statement)
  • Booking form (provided by the agent)

These papers must be provided in original form in order to be verified.

Step 4: Make your down payment

You must pay a deposit to reserve your reservation when your documents have been validated. The size and kind of the home you’re interested in will determine the down payment amount. You will be given the precise sum by your representative.

Step 5: Sign the reservation form

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll need to sign the reservation form. The terms and conditions of the sale, such as the payment plan and delivery timetable, are described in the booking form.

Step 6: Get your booking confirmation

Blue World City will send you a booking confirmation when you have signed the reservation form. Your reservation’s information, including the kind of property, its dimensions, and the due date, will be included in this confirmation.

Step 7: Pay Your Installments

You must make your installment payments in accordance with the payment plan specified in the booking form after you have received your booking confirmation. Blue World City has various payment options that let you spread out your payments over a number of months or years.

Step 8: Receiving possession of your property

You’ll take ownership of your property after all of your payments have been made. The sort of property you’ve bought and the project’s stage of construction may have an impact on the delivery schedule.


The booking process for Blue World City is simple and entails choosing the type and size of your property, getting in touch with a registered agent, submitting your paperwork, paying a down payment, signing the booking form, making subsequent installment payments, and receiving possession of your property. Blue World City presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to invest in a fast expanding location thanks to its flexible payment plans and variety of property possibilities.

Choosing a property, completing your paperwork, paying a down payment, signing the booking form, and making installment payments are all steps in the relatively simple Blue World City booking process. For those wishing to invest in Islamabad’s quickly developing real estate market, Blue World City presents an intriguing prospect with its variety of property selections, flexible payment plans, and rising growth. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing is always here to provide you top-notch services.

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